S01 E02 - Mind, Set for College with Jeremy Harkness

TalkinUpward by Reggie Holifield

Former Program Coordinator for Bevill State Community College Upward Bound – now Director of TRIO SSS for Bevill State Community College – Jeremy Harkness, helps us to develop a Mind, set for College.

Apr 16 2022

Reggie Holifield
Hello, and welcome to “Talkin’ Upward” the show where we discuss all things TRIO and explore the critical aspects of TRIO programs including higher education, scholarships, and policy. Ultimately, we discover what educators and students need to know by examining our shared experiences and discuss how we all can stay on the path upward.
I'm your host, Reggie Holifield. And today we have special guest Mr. Jeremy Harkness, Upward Bound project director for Bevill State Community College. Let’s welcome Jeremy to the podcast.

Jeremy Harkness
Hello Reggie, thanks for having me.

Reggie Holifield
So if you don’t mind, let's just dive into what do you do as a project coordinator?

Jeremy Harkness
Well, there's a lot we do; we take on many roles. Pretty much our main goal is we

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