S01 E01 - Inspiration with Sharon Gilbert

TalkinUpward by Reggie Holifield

Former University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound Director Sharon Gilbert joins us to give some words of inspiration!

Apr 09 2022

Reggie Holifield 0:16
Hello and welcome to “Talkin’Upward”, the show where we discuss all things TRIO and explore the critical aspects of TRIO programs, including higher education, scholarships, and policy. Ultimately, we discover what educators and students need to know by examining our shared experiences and discuss how we all can stay on a path upward. I'm your host, Reggie Holifield, and today we have special guest Mrs. Sharon Gilbert the former Upward Bound director from the University of Montevallo. Without further ado, let's welcome Sharon Gilbert to the podcast.

Reggie Holifield 0:58
How are you doing, Mrs. Gilbert?

Sharon Gilbert 1:00
I'm doing fine, Reggie! thank you so much for inviting me. I'm so excited to just talk about my experiences with Upward Bound but also about my c

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