Talking Transformative Love

by Loreto Australia & South East Asia

Talking Transformative Love is a podcast hosted by Loreto Sister, Jwan Kada ibvm. Featuring women and men from all aspects of the Mary Ward family, the series covers everything from faith and formation and the role of vocation and mission in our modern times to going where the need is greatest and the fight against injustice, and of course, our fearless foundress, Mary Ward.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Episode 6 | Sr Margaret Sculley ibvm

    Episode 6 | Sr Margaret Sculley ibvm

    Margaret Sculley has been a Loreto Sister for the past sixty-five years. Margaret grew up in Ballarat, Victoria and from an early age became familiar with Mary Ward the foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (The Loreto Sisters). Following the Novitiate in Normanhurst NSW Margaret began a long time of teaching both in Secondary and Primary Schools, then moved into leadership roles both in the schools and in the Loreto community. For some years Margaret worked in Pastoral Care at the Brisbane General Hospital. Margaret remains very grateful for her gift of faith that has strengthened her, and her trust in God firstly encouraged by her parents' example and then fostered by her many friends along the journey.

  • Episode 5 | Harper Gracie

    Episode 5 | Harper Gracie

    Currently studying in Melbourne, Harper shares insights into her upbringing, shaped by a philosophy of kindness and hard work instilled by her family and community.From a small Catholic school in Sydney to an international school in Singapore, she reflects on how diverse experiences have moulded her into a person who values connection and hard work.Harper emphasises the importance of being kind to others, a principle she carried into her time at Loreto, where she not only excelled academically but actively engaged in philanthropy and charity work.The episode explores the deep generational connection Harper's family has with Loreto, portraying it not just as a school but as a lifelong community that has influenced her life since day one.

  • Episode 4 | Helen Thomas

    Episode 4 | Helen Thomas

    Helen Thomas is currently the Director of Mission at Loreto Kirribilli. Her qualifications include; Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education and Masters in Education from Sydney University and a Masters of Arts (Theological Studies) from the Catholic Institute of Sydney. Helen has been a Catholic educator for over 35 years, working in Independent and Catholic Systemic schools across Sydney. She is married and has two daughters.

  • Episode 3 | Claire Renkin

    Episode 3 | Claire Renkin

    Claire Renkin has been teaching art history and spirituality at Yarra Theological Union (YTU) since 2001. Her teaching areas include the art and architecture of the Early Christians and Byzantium, and the art and spirituality of the late Middle Ages. In addition to these topics, Claire co-teaches units on death, dying and bereavement in art and spirituality, and the history of Mary in the Christian tradition.In addition to teaching at YTU, she lectures regularly throughout Australia on the intersection of visual art, theology and spirituality. Her research and publications focus on the role of gender and devotion in depictions of female sanctity in European art from the late Middle Ages to the early modern period, c. 1350-1650. Claire together with Sr Angela Slattery ibvm is researching a little-known cycle of fifty paintings of the life of Mary Ward 1585-1645, the founder of the Institute of the Virgin Mary also known as Loretos.

  • Episode 2 | Sr Margaret Callaghan ibvm

    Episode 2 | Sr Margaret Callaghan ibvm

    Margaret Callaghan is a Loreto Sister with a rich background in education. Margaret's teaching journey spans years of experience in English and History across Loreto schools in Australia, including roles as the Religious Education Coordinator in three senior schools. After seven years at the province office, she embarked on a transformative 14-year adventure in Vietnam, working alongside young sisters. Don't miss this episode with Sr Margaret Callaghan ibvm, whose vision of God is that of love and friendship.