S03 E01 - #27 - DfC series - Introduction to Defender for Cloud

Talking Security - for news about items related to Microsoft Security by Frans Oudendorp
In this episode, we kick off a new series about Defender for Cloud, Microsoft’s comprehensive solution for protecting cloud workloads and hybrid environments.I’m joined by my new co-host Pouyan Khabazi, a cloud security expert and MVP.We chat with Rod Trent, a Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft, about what cloud computing means for secu  ...  See more
Apr 20 2023

Welcome to the Talking Security podcast.
We will talk about items related to Microsoft Security.
Hi, welcome again to a new episode of the Talking Security podcast.
This is the first episode in a brand new series.
My previous series on Defender for Endpoints ended.
To wrap that series up, I'll try to do another recording with Microsoft MVP Jeffrey Appel.
He's from the Netherlands. He has written a lot on that topic.
But if you have questions, don't hesitate or other remarks.
Don't hesitate to contact me.
Let's see if we can cover that in that recording, but that will follow.
Afterwards, but now a new series taking a deep dive into Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
Defender for Cloud is not a standalone solution, as probably most of the people know,
but it's much more different guests, people f

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