#24 - Jan Bakker and Pim Jacobs about Microsoft Entra - Identity Governance

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An episode of Talking Security about Microsoft Entra. In this one Jan Bakker en Pim Jacobs have joined me to talk about Microsoft Entra - Identity Governance. They delivered a session about this topic on ExpertsLive Netherlands 2022 and we talked about it. The new feature - LifeCycle Workflows - has been discussed.

Oct 12 2022

Welcome to the Talking Security Podcast.
We will talk about items related to Microsoft Security.
So there are we again, welcome back listening to a new episode of the Talking Security Podcast.
My name is Frans Oudendorp and in this recording I will talk to some guys about Microsoft Entra
and especially Identity Governance.
Today we are at ExpertsLive in the Netherlands.
On the venue we have a special podcast room so we can record stuff, we and others also.
Because of this I have invited Pim Jacobs and Jan Bakker to talk about Identity Governance.
There's new stuff coming up and they will talk about it later on on ExpertsLive.
But first guys do we have a little introduction, who do I have on the table Jan?
Hi Frans, thanks for having us.
My name is Jan Bakker, I'm based in the Netherlands a

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