#32- DevSecOps series - Code security from a developer perspective

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Episode notes

Code Security is a crucial aspect of software development, especially in the era of DevSecOps. In this episode, three experts from different backgrounds and roles share their insights and experiences on how to code securely, what are the common pitfalls and best practices, and what tools and techniques can help developers and security analysts work together more effectively. Whether you are a developer, a security analyst, or a DevSecOps enthusiast, you will find this episode informative and inspiring. Tune in and learn more about Code Security from Sander ten Brinke, Pouyan Khabazi, and Frans Oudendorp.

In this DevSecOps series, Sander ten Brinke, Pouyan Khabazi and Frans Oudendorp talk about various topics related to DevSecOps and things related to that.

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