Texas Tech Basketball Offseason Preview with RC Maxfield

Tailgate Talks by Brooks & Dustin

Episode notes

In this tailgate we had to bring RC Mayfield back to the tailgate after Pop Isaacs hit the portal to discuss all things Texas Tech Basketball and the offseason. We start off by discussing the Steffe tweet (3:30) and RC's reaction to it. Then we dissect how we ended up with Pop in the portal (7:30) and discuss the other names that have entered as well. We shift our conversation to an overall view of this portal/NIL era and discuss programs that have struggled and succeeded during this era (25:46). Then we discuss how Texas Tech will handle this portal season (1:00:48), RC gives us some names to pay attention to in the portal, Devan Cambridge news breaks, and we get his thoughts on the Final Four. #WreckEm

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