Dr. Chiara Frendo Balzan - Let's discuss sexual health Part 2

Taboo Podcast Malta by Sophie Vella

Episode notes

In this Taboo episode we continue to discuss sexual health with Dr. Chiara Frendo Balzan. Dr Chiara Frendo-Balzan graduated as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in Malta in 2005 and practiced for two years at St Luke's Hospital before relocating to the UK for 11 years to attain international exposure and further qualifications in Ultrasound. She worked in several hospitals in South Wales, UK where her work led to a specialisation in the field of contraception and reproductive health including a Diploma in Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health as well as a European Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. How can I book an appointment with Dr. Chiara Frendo Balzan? Contact 77092187 to book an appointment in Qawra or Kappara. Alternatively visit https://willingness.co ... 

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