S05 E03 - Male dot Gallery Tour

Taboo Truths and Tales by Madeira Desouza

Here is a quick tour of the explicit male dot gallery from Las Vegas, Nevada. On display in this unforgettable collection you will find stunning, realistic images of masculine men in situations or peril and danger. From Las Vegas artist Madeira Desouza.

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Mar 06 2023

Host: Hello and welcome. The name of this podcast series is “Taboo Truths and Tales.” So why these particular T-words are all in the title. You may want to know. Fair question. It's because this podcast deals with subject matter considered to be taboo.
This podcast deals with the person's perception of truths and this podcast deals with storytelling tales of fiction told by an individual. You need to choose for yourself what you perceive as truths versus tales because very often real life that distinction is not crystal clear.

This podcast is marked explicit. What that means--you should not listen to this podcast if you happen to be under the age of eighteen or if someone under age 18 is listening there with you. Explicit means nobody under age 18 should be listening to this p

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