Taboo Truths and TalesExplicit

by Madeira Desouza

This podcast series is called "Taboo Truths and Tales" and it is hosted by gay male artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas. This podcast series deals with subject matter considered to be taboo; examines a person's perception of truths; and explores storytelling tales of fiction intended to be heard and thought about. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E08 - Skulls and Balls

    S03 E08 - Skulls and BallsExplicit

    This podcast episode is another taboo tale, another narrated story. This unforgettable story explores the fate of a young Marine who finds himself naked in a dark basement with nothing to lose but his skull and balls. Sexually exp...

  • S03 E07 - Bound to Hurt

    S03 E07 - Bound to HurtExplicit

    This podcast episode is another taboo tale, a narrated story. The subject of this taboo tale is captive men held in bondage before they are executed by unknown captors. Explicit pictures that accompany "Bound to Hurt" are free to...

  • S03 E06 - Night of the Handgun

    S03 E06 - Night of the HandgunExplicit

    A narrated story of taboo fiction exploring the subject of gun rights and men in peril. Provocative and controversial ideas and unrestrained behaviors of violent men in the United States. Explicit pictures of "Night of the Handgun...

  • S03 E05 - The Death Game

    S03 E05 - The Death GameExplicit

    Yet another exciting taboo tale of fiction! "The Death Game" is a fresh retelling of the familiar stories in three seasons of the provocative and taboo reality television series set on the high seas aboard the container ship, the ...

  • S03 E04 - Country Guy Perils

    S03 E04 - Country Guy PerilsExplicit

    A taboo tale of fiction -- "Country Guy Perils." Out of work and desperate in the Deep South during the economic ruin following the worldwide pandemic, a country guy, just 21, accepts he is at a crossroads in his life. After a lif...