Taboo Truths and TalesExplicit

by Madeira Desouza

This podcast series deals with subject matter which is considered taboo but truthful. Meanwhile, other people choose to think of the very same subjects as untrue and undesirable for them. It’s all in how we each frame our reality each day of our lives based on whether we use our minds or not. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • S05 E01 - Moonlight

    S05 E01 - MoonlightExplicit

    Is it possible for the intense love felt by one man for another to survive death and then suddenly reappear? Scripted podcast fiction explores resurrected romance. Written by Don Normann. Part of the scary Horror Podcast Vegas col...

  • Season 4

  • S04 E08 - Sin City Male Feast

    S04 E08 - Sin City Male FeastExplicit

    Written by Madeira Desouza, "Sin City Male Feast" is scripted podcast fiction which could be a brand name for a Las Vegas dining experience for men with large appetites. But instead this is an unforgettable science fiction tale fr...

  • S04 E07 - Cowboys and Nooses

    S04 E07 - Cowboys and NoosesExplicit

    What really happened during the many cowboy hangings back in the American Wild West of the 1800s? Scripted podcast fiction episode explores the nonfiction taboo of hanging men by the neck until dead. Part of the scary Horror Podca...

  • S04 E06 - Forewarning

    S04 E06 - ForewarningExplicit

    Scripted podcast fiction. A time traveler from the 23rd century provides a blunt forewarning of stunning events yet to happen in our lifetime. Young men are brutally hunted down as human targets. Domestic terrorism mass casualty e...

  • S04 E05 - The Ballad of Don and Yoko

    S04 E05 - The Ballad of Don and Yoko

    This podcast episode title is a deliberate, sarcastic play on words given The Beatles 1969 hit single "The Ballad of John and Yoko." Here you will find a comparison is drawn between Donald Trump—shown to be successful using perfor...