"Gizmo" (2021) - Behind-the-Scenes Interview

Published: Apr 29 2021

This week we talk with the cast and crew of the new short film "Gizmo" (2021).

The film, which our very own Carlos Plummer was involved with behind-the-scenes, is written and directed by Ben Vasion and Colby Clanton and will be premiering at a special student film screening on April 30, 2021!

For more info, visit the instagram page for the film and the filmmakers themselves! Also don't forget to check out the video version of the podcast at our official SuperImage, Ltd. YouTube Channel!

Gizmo (Instagram): @gizmo_movie

Carlos Plummer (Instagram): @intentional_lens_flare

Colby Clanton (Instagram): @colbsbulbs

Ben Vasion (Instagram): @benvasion_official