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Join Kyle and Carlos Plummer, the filmmaking duo of SuperImage, Ltd., as they interview and discuss filmmaking stories both past and present with fellow collaborators as well as industry professionals in this in-depth exploration of film, art and life in the modern age. 
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  • E11 - Suanne Spoke - Actress & Filmmaker

    E11 - Suanne Spoke - Actress & Filmmaker

    This week we interview special guest Suanne Spoke. Suanne has had an extensive career in theatre, television, film and the class room. Suanne, known for roles in films such as Whiplash (2014), War of the Worlds (2005) and K.R.A.P ...

    May 14 2021
    May 14 2021
  • E10 - "Becoming Rich" (2018) - Behind-the-Scenes Q&A

    E10 - "Becoming Rich" (2018) - Behind-the-Scenes Q&A

    This week we talk with the crew of the award-winning documentary "Becoming Rich" (2018), including famed magician, mentalist and YouTube personality Rich Ferguson! In this film by Carlos Plummer, we follow the story of magician, m...

    May 05 2021
    May 05 2021
  • E09 - "Gizmo" (2021) - Behind-the-Scenes Interview

    E09 - "Gizmo" (2021) - Behind-the-Scenes Interview

    This week we talk with the cast and crew of the new short film "Gizmo" (2021). The film, which our very own Carlos Plummer was involved with behind-the-scenes, is written and directed by Ben Vasion and Colby Clanton and will be pr...

    Apr 29 2021
    Apr 29 2021
  • E08 - Carla Patullo - Composer/Screenwriter

    E08 - Carla Patullo - Composer/Screenwriter

    This week we speak with brilliant and talented composer and indie filmmaker Carla Patullo. Carla has scored music for over 30 motion pictures. Her credits include My Name Is Maria De Jesus (HBO), the Sundance award-winning film Sp...

    Apr 08 2021
    Apr 08 2021
  • E07 - "Sara" (2021) - Cast/Crew Q&A

    E07 - "Sara" (2021) - Cast/Crew Q&A

    Welcome back to the video version of the Official SuperImage, Ltd. Podcast! This week we talk with the cast and crew of the latest feature film from SuperImage, Ltd: "Sara" (2021). The film, which stars leading actresses Jessica S...

    Mar 25 2021
    Mar 25 2021