Sunny Mary Meadow Podcast

by Liz Fiedler

The Sunny Mary Meadow podcast is hosted by Liz Fiedler, a nurse practitioner turned flower farmer in central MN. Learn tips and tricks for growing and selling cut flowers. Located in Zone 4B, the shorter growing season offers some challenges. Her farm, Sunny Mary Meadow ( specializes in bouquet subscriptions, stem bars, and a you pic ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Growing thousands of tulips in your basement -- hear from b.a.r.e. flower farm on hydropinically growing tulips.

    Growing thousands of tulips in your basement -- hear from b.a.r.e. flower farm on hydropinically growing tulips.

    Dive into the vibrant world of hydroponic gardening with our latest podcast episode! We are joined by Jessie from B.A.R.E. flower farm today! Join us as we explore the revolutionary techniques that are changing the way we grow one of the world's most beloved flowers. Whether you're a seasoned gardener looking to expand your repertoire or a curious newcomer intrigued by the idea of soilless cultivation, this episode offers a treasure trove of insights and tips. Discover the secrets behind successful hydroponic setups, from choosing the right equipment to the nuances of nutrient solutions that bring out the brightest blooms. Our expert guests demystify the process, sharing their personal journeys and the lessons learned from cultivating tulips without a speck of soil. We delve into the environmental benefits of hydroponic gardening, including water conservation and space efficiency, making it an ideal choice for urban gardeners and sustainability advocates. Beyond the practical advice, this episode celebrates the sheer beauty and variety of tulips that can thrive in a hydroponic environment. Get inspired by stories of stunning displays and innovative projects that push the boundaries of traditional gardening. Tune in to "Sunny Mary Meadow" and transform your approach to gardening. Discover how hydroponic tulips can add a splash of color to your life and environment, all year round. Whether you're aiming to create a small indoor garden or scale up to a commercial operation, this episode is your guide to flourishing in the world of hydroponics. This description incorporates keywords such as "hydroponic gardening," "grow hydroponic tulips," "environmental benefits," and "urban gardening," aimed at attracting search engine users interested in hydroponic cultivation, tulip gardening, and sustainable practices. The use of engaging language and the promise of expert insights encourages listeners to dive into the episode. Follow Liz on instagram @sunnymarymeadow Follow Jessie on instagram @bareflowerfarm

  • "How I Would Start a Flower Farm" - Live Q&A Webinar

    "How I Would Start a Flower Farm" - Live Q&A Webinar

    Welcome to the replay of our live webinar Q&A session, where we dive deeper into the insights shared in our three-part mini-series on how to start a cut flower farm. In this episode, we answer listener-submitted questions and provide additional tips and strategies for aspiring flower farmers. Whether you're just starting or looking to grow your existing flower business, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you succeed in the cut flower industry. We hope you found the information valuable and that it inspires you on your journey to starting and growing a successful cut flower farm. Links we mentioned: Cut Flower Crop Planner and Journal - 2024 Edition: Peddling Perishable Products: Flower Farmer Template Club:

  • Why my flower farm outgrew the farm stand model.

    Why my flower farm outgrew the farm stand model.

    In this week's episode, I share how our flower farm got it's start with a farm stand at the end of the driveway and why I transitioned to a different model. Don't get me wrong, the farm stand model can be great if you're just starting out, and for certain farms might be the perfect end model. But for me, once I realized every single stem had value, I did not want throwing them in the compost bin if they didn't sell to be part of my business plan. Secrets of Sold Out Stem Bars: Peddling Perishable Products:

  • How I would start a flower farm with $10,000. (Part 3 of 3 mini-series)

    How I would start a flower farm with $10,000. (Part 3 of 3 mini-series)

    Register for the Live Q&A: Seats will be limited! Don't forget to submit any questions to Welcome to Part 3 of our exciting three-part mini-series, where we dig deeper into the pocketbook and tap a few more resources to start a flower farm with different budget levels. In this episode, titled "How I Would Start My Flower Farm with $10,000", I realize that very few people have this amount to invest just starting out. I know I certainly didn't. You can quickly throw money at the "fun" stuff to grow and miss out on the potential to start a business on the right foot with sustained profitability. Analyzing your market and figuring out who you're selling to is going to be key. I discuss what types of education I would invest in, and of course many could think, "She's just saying that because she sells a course." Well, yes, of course I believe my offerings will accelerate you to profitability sooner by not making my same mistakes, not to mention missing out on the opportunity costs of not maximizing your sales... but mine isn't the only course available and I suggest you do your research. My course dives deep into about 10 topics, but maybe you only need help on 2 or 3 and can find a different offering that focuses on just that. Coaches and consultants are out there, but they aren't for everyone. Do your research before investing in anything. That's why I offer a risk-free phone call so you can tell me all about your flower farm and I'll tell you (honestly) if I think my course can help you. #FlowerFarming #BudgetGardening #StartSmallDreamBig #GardeningPodcast Peddling Perishable Products launches March 1, and price increases Feb 15 (it has been extended!). Click here to get signed up and save $200: Not sure if PPP is right for you? Schedule a phone call and tell Liz about your farm, and she will tell you if she thinks her course can help:

  • BONUS: Flower Farmer Forum Recap

    BONUS: Flower Farmer Forum Recap

    On Jan 13, 2024 we hosted the first ever Flower Farmer Forum in St. Cloud, MN. We had 25+ flower farmers and 15+.industry experts popping in and out throughout the day, and the energy in that room was HUNGRY. Hungry for learning. Hungry for networking. Hungry for ideas. Hungry for ways to grow and sell more flowers and turn our hobby into businesses that can actually provide for our families and serve our customers in more creative ways. We are already planning next year's forum, and hope to double in size. If you haven't listened to the episode where we planned the forum, go back and find episode 39. Flower Farmer Forum virtual registration: P.S. I listened to the recap and I realize I said "awesome" and "amazing" about 100 times. It definitely WAS awesome. I promise to find a new buzzword next time!