Stuff Keeps Happening

by Endeavorance

I don't know why, but stuff keeps happening. So here's some of it. A rundown of what's up, along with some rants, rambles and the occasional goof. New episodes every Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Podcast episodes

  • A Different Type of Green Peace

    A Different Type of Green Peace

    It is Friday, November 17 and Stuff has Happened. // Apple is bringing RCS support to iOS but you will still be green. Also, Elon Musk is a horses ass, Democrats turn on their own base, a robot is already deciding our fate, an a sorta-kinda war broke out in the past. // Today's newsletter:

  • Fire Doesn't Go There

    Fire Doesn't Go There

    It is Wednesday, November 15th, and Stuff has Happened. // A lot of fire thought it was a car, Iceland is about to erupt, Tesla pissed off Swedish workers, an update on the situation in Gaza, and a worldwide milestone was crossed. // Today's newsletter:

  • I Am Not Lion To You

    I Am Not Lion To You

    It is Monday, November 13th, and Stuff has Happened. // A lion went for a casual evening stroll downtown. Also, Apple settled a discrimination lawsuit, some carjackers picked the worst possible target, NYC mayor Eric Adams lost his phone to the FBI, and the beginning of the end of a famous protest. // Today's newsletter:

  • How About Carless Drivers?

    How About Carless Drivers?

    It is Friday, November 10th and Stuff has Happened. // The actors strike has concluded as SAG-AFTRA has reached a deal with employers. Also, Meta seems to be intentionally preying on minors, an airplane had less windows that most would prefer, a robo-taxi company recalled their whole fleet, and a docked ship left its mark. // Today's newsletter:

  • A Gilded Throne

    A Gilded Throne

    It is Wednesday, November 8th and Stuff has Happened. // We got new SPACE PICTURES. Also, some art thieves made a mess and got caught, a traffic stop escalates quickly, US election results are in, and a look at an inspiring general strike. // Today's newsletter: