Stuff Keeps HappeningExplicit

by Endeavorance

I don't know why, but Stuff Keeps Happening. A weekly recap of just what the heck is going on. New episodes every Monday.

Podcast episodes

  • Inhumane Products

    Inhumane Products

    It is Monday, April 22nd, and Stuff has Happened. The Ai pin truly is inhumane. Boeing is a paragon of safety. Google fired employees for having a basic conscience. The Vision Pro is not the loveliest thing to use during travel. Stardew Valley gets, somehow, another update. Today's newsletter:

  • Total Eclipse of Women

    Total Eclipse of Women

    It is Monday, April 8th, and Stuff has Happened. The Moon and the Sun are about to fight. McDonald's is very sowwy. Discord shattered a world record. Blue Checkmarks are hiding in the shadows. You may luck into becoming a digital homeowner. EA wasn't feeling supportive. Today's newsletter:

  • I Am No Fool

    I Am No Fool

    It is Monday, April 1st, and Stuff has Happened. This post has no gags in it. Be careful when sending dentist selfies. Facebook had their own ghostbusters. AT&T doesn't know how all that data got there. A 9-year-old wants to go to school. Today's newsletter:

  • Walled Garden of Eden

    Walled Garden of Eden

    It is Monday, March 11th, and Stuff has Happened. Apple is pulling some next level bullshit. A beloved internet production studio is kill. A message in a bottle returned after 40 years. The US SOTU happened and I would have preferred to forget. TikTok is on the chopping block again. Today's newsletter:

  • An Update on Stuff Keeps Happening

    An Update on Stuff Keeps Happening

    Stuff Keeps Happening will be changing a bit, hopefully for the better! Read the full post here: