Student Of The Game Fire Podcast

by Danny Beauvais

Showcase fellow men and women within the fire service that you might not know about. Individuals who have a strong passion for the craft, that remain humble and tackle each day with focus, never making excuses for why you can't get things done while always remaining a student of the game.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Robert Wynne


    Robert Wynne


    8 years of career experience. Currently an Engineer with Cal Fire assigned to the Merced County division. Creator and owner of Change the CDF which stands for Culture, Department & Future. If you haven’t heard of Robert I implore you to please, please, please listen to his episode on John Spera’s Fit to fight fire & Corley Moore’s Weekly Scrap where he breaks down his journey of his past to the individual he is today. All I’m going to say about this episode is truth bombs & nuggets were dropped and it was a fantastic conversation. IG:change_the_c.d.f_llc

  • Rob Ryser


    Rob Ryser


    20 years of career experience. Currently a Battalion Chief with Storey County Fire District in Virginia City, Nevada. From the moment our conversation begins Bob drops some truth bombs and nuggets for all to hear regardless of rank. What puts the icing on the cake is the fact that although Bob is a Battalion Chief his mindset and outlook towards his position is what Firefighters across the country want. A leader with bugles who never forgot his roots and actually puts forth the effort making sure the line is dialed in when it comes to training and standards. IG: fyremed

  • Chris Cavalier

    Chris Cavalier

    13 years of volunteer and career experience. Currently a Senior Firefighter/Relief Driver for a municipality in South Carolina where he is housed with an Engine/Truck & Hazmat unit. Chris is the creator for Tailboard Leadership where he is trying to promote positive morale/culture, Empowering Fire service excellence and igniting firefighter passion. If you ever seen any of his quotes or reels he posts a lot of his thoughts are spot on regarding different topics/situations within the fire service. IG: tailboardleadership

  • Bill Allenbaugh


    Bill Allenbaugh


    41 years of volunteer and career experience. A retired Captain/Acting Battalion Chief with Baltimore County Fire Department out of the Pikesville Station. Currently un retired and is now an Engineer with Lexington County Fire Services out of the Round Hill Station. Bill has a wealth of knowledge and understands that times are different with today’s fire service but also just because things were done a certain way back in the day doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for todays standards and has a big passion towards the mental health side of the job.

  • Andrew Pristach


    Andrew Pristach


    13 years of career and volunteer experience. Currently an acting Sergeant on Engine 63 for Spartanburg City FD in South Carolina. In 2016 Andrew created and started Tradesman Fire & Fabrication where he had a desire to bring realism to firefighter training. Andrew is also apart of Dixie Firemanship & the Mississippi State fire academy. Andrew has a vast knowledge in forcible entry and the tools we utilize out in the field. I won’t go into too much detail as you’ll find out from the conversation. IG: andrew.tff