The Return, Tips to Help Students and Families Thrive together over the summer

Successful Student Transitions - A Time to Thrive by Louise Wiles and Elizabeth Gillies

Episode notes

Exams over, results out, the long summer vacation begins. A time for re-connection between students, family and old friends. A time that brings joy and probably also 'some' frustration...

In this episode, we revisit Episode 55, first designed for the return home after term one at university. On re-listening we realised everything we said was relevant not just for that first return but for subsequent ones as well.

So, whether you are a student, parent or other family member, this episode is worth a listen as you all embark on The Return -:)

We discuss:

  • How student experiences will have varied and home life may have moved on. How to find the new balance.
  • The importance of setting realistic expectations and communicating them.
  • W ... 
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