Stud City Explicit

by Beau Bennett and Cody Peterson

Stud City is a podcast for literally everyone. Your two hosts are from wildly different worlds but they have one goal in mind -- to make you laugh.

Podcast episodes

  • Low-Fi Hip Hop Beats To Stud Cty To

    Low-Fi Hip Hop Beats To Stud Cty To

    Hey study people, On today's episode we give you a beautiful guide to straight A's. You ever wanted to get 90 percent on a test? Listen to this podcast. All the answers are inside. Join us as we talk Beau accidentally sending his best friend a bad picture, Cody going on Plenty Of Fish to catfish people, and we do it all to the sultry sounds of Low-Fi Hip Hop. Enjoy! Stud City Inc.

  • HOT TONGHT ft. The Stud City Boyz

    HOT TONGHT ft. The Stud City Boyz

    Hey Studs, It's a classic clip show! Come hang out with us as we watch some really dumb clips on the internet and talk a ton of shit about them. We also talk about Cody's NHL 22 franchise, we get a VIOLENT PIECE of fan mail, what the friend-zone really is and so much more! It could be fun! Right?? Right??? Thanks for listening!!

  • The Ben Stager Episode

    The Ben Stager Episode

    Hey Studs, Today on the show we have on the very funny Ben Stager. We talk a bunch of Canadian stuff -- Tim Hortons, Strap facial hair, Kitchener ONT and Ben being one of the top ten in his field of work. This is a truly funny episode, with truly funny boys and Beau is there too! Enjoy! Stud City Podcast

  • I'm Killing It And Everybody Loves Me

    I'm Killing It And Everybody Loves Me

    Hey Studs! I'm killing it and everyone loves me! Watch the boys bicker and moan as they rate celebrity Halloween costumes, talk about growing up in a small town, how Beau is killing it at life and so very much more! God bless and have a good listening! BB.

  • Cody Called Out

    Cody Called Out

    In this episode Beau calls out Cody...only to have it back fire in a horrible way. We also talk about Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Cody's childhood love of those artists, the outfit Cody wore that shook the world and so very much more. Enjoy this "just the boys" episode. Peace and love.