The Story of London

by Saul

Presenting The Story of London, a podcast dedicated to telling the history of London as a single narrative tale; from it’s birth until the present day.

Each episode takes us along the tale of the most fascinating and vibrant city on Earth.

The format is every episode is self-contained, while also continuing to the next part in the chronicle. It covers events as they happened, from the actions of the great and the ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Chapter 99- The Unexpected Rebellion of Gilbert De Clare (1266-1267)

    Chapter 99- The Unexpected Rebellion of Gilbert De Clare (1266-1267)

    So, London had just been part of a huge rebellion against the King. And they had lost. The clampdown by the victorious royal forces continued, and London was systematically stripped of its ancient rights, privileges and positions. So how should London respond to this? Well… apparently? Stage ANOTHER rebellion it seems. A Chapter filled with politics, violence, murder, hastily erected defences and a bunch of guys nipping down the river and looting Westminster. I mean… what’s the worst that can happen?

  • Chapter 98- The Thunder of Retribution (1264-1265)

    Chapter 98- The Thunder of Retribution (1264-1265)

    After the battle of Lewes, the residents of London sang wild songs lampooning the supporters of the King and rejoicing in the victory of Simon De Montfort. But by the end of the next year… it was done. London had picked the wrong side and now, stripped of the position of mayor, and its sheriffs, and with the King ordering the most brutal clampdown ever seen in the city, the residents of London had to cope with the end of an era.

  • Chapter 97- Blood Stains The Fields of Lewes (1263-1265)

    Chapter 97- Blood Stains The Fields of Lewes (1263-1265)

    A bumper episode as finally all the things that have been building during the long reign of Henry III come to a head… a massive bank robbery; a terrifying moment for the Queen; a genuine pogrom; vigilante gangs wandering the streets of the city and tearing down whole buildings; and the armed forces of London finding itself in a field in Sussex… facing down a wall of horsemen led by a furious prince. A prince who was furious at just them! The story covers a much overlooked important couple of years in the history of the city.

  • Chapter 96- Vir Simplex (1259-1263)

    Chapter 96- Vir Simplex (1259-1263)

    England slowly but with relentless inevitability, slipped into civil war… and London was dragged along with it. But while the actions of the powers that be made what was to come unavoidable, the City carried on as best it could; it was sometimes funny, sometimes proud, and sometimes fearful. And then, for reasons that will become clear, it found itself armed to the teeth. And this… this was never a good thing to do to London.

  • Chapter 95- The Ambiguity of The Nightmare King (1258)

    Chapter 95- The Ambiguity of The Nightmare King (1258)

    A country teetering on the verge of becoming a failed state… famine kills thousands and disease kills more; the economic is shrinking in the face of the pandemic; the king is away following wild dreams of foreign glory that could bankrupt the nation; powerful landowners move to seize power; everyone becomes convinced that a rash of poisonings are taking out the powerful… and London was going to have to cope with this, mobs killing French squires, what we THINK is the city’s first ‘bank robbery’ and finding itself unsure IF it should side against the king who had vexed them so much. This is 1258, and it’s one hell of a year…