SWiS scientists and professors: In conversation with Dr. Neta Bahcall, a preeminent Astrophysicist

Stories of Women in Science by Anjana Kaushik Talluri

Episode notes

Professor Neta Bahcall is a preeminent observational cosmologist and is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Astrophysics at Princeton University.

Dr. Neta Bahcall was born in Israel. After completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, she received her PhD from Tel Aviv University in 1970. Her husband, Dr. John Bahcall, was also a pioneer in the field.

An interesting fact: Dr. Neta Bahcall's and Dr. John Bahcall's wedding rings were sent to the Hubble Space Telescope, and they flew around the earth more than two hundred times! Listen to this episode to learn more about this intriguing story!

Dr. Neta Bahcall has held many prestigious positions such as the first Head of the Science Program Selection Office and Chief of the General Observer Branch at the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. She is the recipient of th ... 

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