Lightly Salted

by Jim Neubauer

Words of encouragement for all who are called the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This podcast has the three Scripture readings and the sermon from St. Johns Lutheran Church in Park Rapids, MN.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • So Much More

    So Much More

    While " a cloud took [Jesus] out of [the disciples] sight," so much more was going on in the heavenly realms. Just like so much more is happening even yet today.

  • Overcomers


    The relationship of a Christian to "the world" is summed up with three words, "Cautious, Confident; Compassionate."

  • Jesus Is Our Vine

    Jesus Is Our Vine

    Jesus gives us the best invitation we will ever receive to simply be branches grafted into Him the true Vine.

  • Death Has As Life Problem

    Death Has As Life Problem

    Since our Good Shepherd laid down His life only to take it up again, death now has a life problem.

  • Lord, Hear Me When I Call

    Lord, Hear Me When I Call

    Psalm 4 gives us an intimate look at prayer that is offered in faith even when we are in distress.