Podcast episodes

  • Season 8

  • Raised In Arizona: Carlos Anguiano

    Raised In Arizona: Carlos Anguiano

    After sixty episodes of Kickback based in Phoenix, I'm moving to Vancouver and taking the podcast north of the border. To kick off the Raised In Arizona arc, I'm talking to my friend Carlos Anguiano. Things have changed a lot since we last spoke and after a long illness, I was finally healthy enough to catch up.

  • Season 7

  • Determination feat. Ria Diyaolu

    Determination feat. Ria Diyaolu

    The world is weird, man. I met Ria despite already knowing her - in a way. We hit it off at Phoenix Fashion Week immediately and that was before we found out I knew her sister from through my dad's rugby coaching, This was an excellent conversation and if I'm ever in New York, a part two is imminent. I'm excited to see you grow, Ria!

  • Learning feat. Lezette Gonzalez

    Learning feat. Lezette Gonzalez

    Catching up with Lezette Gonzalez, the do-everything designer for Hummingbird. Lezette and I discuss her influences and inspirations as well as how her goals would take her around the world. A great talk and I can't wait to do it again!

  • Evolution feat. RJ MacBean

    Evolution feat. RJ MacBean

    This week I talk to photographer RJ MacBean! We met at Phoenix Fashion Week last year and after ten months, we finally caught up! We go everywhere, from art to politics to movies!

  • Patience feat. Carlos Anguiano

    Patience feat. Carlos Anguiano

    After nearly a year, I link back up with founding Currency Exchange member Carlos Anguiano to discuss what the last year has held and how we plan on continuing.NETER GOLD AMBASSADOR: ntrgldshop.com/braveoneMAD RABBIT AMBASSADOR: https://sldr.page.link/1pqp