How to export furniture and sell it to Starbucks. Tivoli from Ukraine, an exporter case study.

Start Global Insights by Dmytro Shvets

Episode notes

Can the tradeshows be an effective tool for your international expansion?

Many would say – no. But it’s like in he old joke about pesto recipe “Your pesto recipe is bad, I did all what you wrote, but I didn’t have pine nuts, olive oil and basil, so I took peanuts, sunflower oil and parsley – nothing close to the real pesto souse” 😊

In this episode of the Start Global Insights I talk to Julia Lisovska, commercial director of the successful Ukrainian family-owned furniture producer Tivoli that exports to more than 24 countries of the world.

Julia is sharing their way of going globally and reveals the secrets of successful tradeshows participation.

We have discussed:

  • How to use tradeshows and expos efficiently.

  • Why export is inevitable if you would like to grow.

  • Ho ... 

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