S01 E17 - How to export furniture and sell it to Starbucks. Tivoli from Ukraine, an exporter case study.

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Mar 15 2023

Hi, I'm Dmytro Shvets, your host and the star of Global Insights, where I interview experts
in different countries about local business secrets and international expansion experience.
Today my guest is Julia Lisovska, she is a sales director of the Ukrainian furniture
company Tivoli and she also develops the brand of the company abroad.
The company is successfully selling furniture all over the world in Europe, Asia, North
and South Americas and today I will ask Yulia to share all the secrets of their international
Hi, Yulia, welcome to the show.
Hello, thank you.
Yulia, you are quite long time already in the company, so you are working more than 10 years
Could you tell us a short story of the company and the experience of the company, what does
it do?
So, we are more tha

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