S01 E16 - How to generate international leads. The systematic approach.

Start Global Insights by Dmytro Shvets
How to generate leads? How to find clients abroad? These are the most common questions from the exporters that I hear in my consulting practice.So I decided to invite the expert in international lead generation, Maryna Solomanchuk, the CEO of Sparklead.Maryna shared her experience in this field, and we will discuss the following:What is t  ...  See more
Mar 01 2023

Hi, I'm Dmytro Shvets, your host at the Start Global Insights, where I interview experts
in different countries about local business secrets and international expansion experience.
Today my guest is Marina Solomanchuk, the CEO of the Spark Lead Generation Agency.
Marina is an expert in lead generation and worked a lot with international markets, including
the experience with many innovative digital tools that help to identify and find clients
around the world.
Hi, Dima.
Thank you for this introduction and thank you for having me today.
One of the most common questions that I hear from the exporters is how to find clients
And to find clients is one thing, and to sell them is something very different.
So how to look for your clients abroad and do it right?
Could you tell us what are

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