S01 E14 - How to make business in Denmark, the happiest country in the world

Start Global Insights by Dmytro Shvets
The next episode is devoted to the one of the happiest countries in the world – Denmark.Peter Kofler – Danish entrepreneur is sharing his experience and insights on how to make business in his country.We will discuss:Why Denmark is a good choice to start your international expansionIs it easy to reach decision making persons in DenmarkThe  ...  See more
Feb 01 2023

Hi, I'm Dmytro Shvets, your host at The Start Global Insights, where I interview experts
in different countries about local business secrets and international expansion experience.
Today my guest is Peter Koffler from Denmark, he is a Danish entrepreneur, founder of an
education and consulting house KPI Communication and the chairman of the Danish Entrepreneurs
He develops and supports entrepreneurship in Denmark for more than 20 years already
and consults companies of various segments from small and medium to quite large corporations.
And in addition to that, Peter is also heavily involved in supporting Ukrainian refugees and
recently launched a business incubator where we together develop a program that will teach
Ukrainians in Denmark how to launch own business.
Hi Peter, w

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