Stage Whisper

by Andrew Cortes and Hope Bird

Two theater lovers come together to discuss the plot, design elements, and lasting impacts of the shows they've seen. Each episode includes a synopsis of the show as well as a detailed discussion. In addition, the hosts discuss their own personal interactions with the shows and people involved. So join us on this exciting journey down the Great White Way!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Hand to God


    Hand to God


    "In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. And he saw that they were good. So he then created the sock puppet."- The Book of Tyrone 1:1It is so good to be back from an extensive break, and we are so happy to be joining you with this uproarious and irreverent new American play from 2015! Be sure to join us as we dive into this masterful world all at the hands, well..hand, of one young man, and his puppet.

  • Fish in the Dark

    Fish in the Dark

    You are cordially invited to one of the most awkward, hilarious, relatable, and at times blasphemous family get togethers you may ever experience. The menu will be exquisite and the lighting subdued. But please, don't judge...there will be enough of that already. Join us on the latest episode of Stage Whisper as we delve into the 2015 comedy, Fish in the Dark.

  • The Audience

    The Audience

    Please join us as we take part in a private and sacred meeting between her majesty the Queen of England and her Prime Minister. On this week's episode of Stage Whisper we are diving into the captivating 2015 show, The Audience.

  • Churchill


    It's the start of a new year, and that can only mean one thing; It's also the start of a new season here at Stage Whisper. And we have the perfect show to kick off Season 3 with. Tune in as we discuss a show that invited us into a softer side of one of the biggest "bulldogs" of history. Grab your best friend and join us as we discuss the 2015 off-Broadway Production of Churchill!

  • Broadway Bulletin Episode 121


    Broadway Bulletin Episode 121


    On this special Broadway Bulletin, we are pleased to bring you one of our favorite podcasts! We were joined by co-host/author, Eila Mell, and co-host/stand-up comic, Frank Liotti, who are with the show, Jiffy Pop Culture. We got the chance to get to know them more, share their insight into putting a show together, and learned some fantastic insight from them. SO don't miss out on this wonderful new episode!Jiffy Pop CultureAvailable wherever you listen to podcastsAnd be sure to follow our guests to stay up to date on all their upcoming projects and