3K Q&A Episode #2

The Box Factor by Drake N. Box

Episode notes

On this episode of "The Box Factor," I continue the new Q&A segment "3K Q&A".

The "3K Q&A" allows y'all an inside look at my personality and thought process as I begin to answer the 3,000 random questions about myself, my response to situations and so much more!

The questions vary greatly between in-depth and thoughtful to light-hearted and fun!

In episode #2 I answer questions regarding:

Would you join a revolution?

What are you worried will change you?

Have you ever sleepwalked?

Describe your ideal Dinner, including location, company, attire, etc.

What moment in history helped shape your life?

Plus five more questions!!

A new "3K Q&A" episode will be released every Monday and Friday of each week until ALL 3,000 questions have been answered!

Thank you so much for your support, and ... 

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