06 - A Complete Relationship

Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast by Sri Vast International Foundation

Episode notes

Purnam – Completeness. You are created in completeness by completeness.

In this podcast Guruji Sri Vast invites us to look into the common dependency of needing another person in order to feel complete. Being a female, needing a male to feel complete, or the other way around. Guruji explains that this dependency is trained, it is part of our domestication. We have understood and created life in this way.

This Satsang invites us to rediscover the wholeness within ourselves. We are invited to expand our relationships, to expand ourselves, to expand the way we approach and include life. Not relating only with humans. Guruji reminds us that we are born on this planet, with trees, blooming flowers, frogs, rabbits, butterflies, running water – so many expressions of Life. A complete relationship is not between you and your partner but betwe ... 

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