05 - Peace begins within

Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast by Sri Vast International Foundation

Episode notes

Peace begins within

Manifest within you what you would like to manifest in the world.

In this Satsang the Master explains how we are contributing with our individual inner experience and attitude to the experience of the whole humanity.

Whatever we are experiencing inside of us is available for everyone, it strengthens certain collective energies and experiences. When you cultivate peace in your body, this peace will not stay within you but it will expand and radiate into the world. In this way we are taking part and giving a direction to all the experiences humanity is going through.

The Master encourages us to have a dream for the world, not only for ourselves, our family and our children, but for the whole humanity. A dream for a world in peace, where no one is treated less than another, where we don’t need to have fear ... 

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