The Journey of Kari Puchovich - Ex Xenos Member Now CEO

Where Are We Going? A Spiritwatch Podcast by Rev. Rafael Damian Martinez

Episode notes

Earlier this year, a billboard went up on the corner of High/Kelso in Columbus, Ohio that has sent a signal to the cult hidden in plain sight there called the Dwell Community Church, "formerly" the Xenos Christian Fellowship. The nonprofit LLC Leaving Dwell created this and supports its ongoing messaging to the cult's membership that there is a life outside of it.

Leaving Dwell CEO Keri Pucovich stops by to share her story and that of their organization .. and respond to the absurd charges by Dwell/Xenos made about them. Their site is and for those looking for a way out from the hothouse of Xenos, this is a great place to help them leave Dwell.