What it means to be "Born-Again" - Fully Explained

Spirit Walking with Jesus by Alan Manson

Episode notes

Jesus Christ said In John 3:3-8 that is an absolute requirement for Christians to be truly "born-again" into God's kingdom here on Earth if they realistically expect to enter Heaven when they die. On the contrary, many church preachers tell those in their congregations that if they accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour, that this means they are "born-again". This is a lie - which most Christians (to their horror) will come to realize when they die.This podcast examines the words of Jesus in the spiritual sense and associates what is said with the natural birthing process of a human child. This is because as Nicodemus definitely understood that Christ said an actual birthing process MUST take place to be "born-again", Nicodemus was not spiritual enough to understand what Christ was saying to him. This indicates that what cannot be understood with t ... 

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