Spectre - A Scottish based communist podcast, standing in complete and solidified solidarity with the working class of all nations, aims to further the campaign of devotion to, principally, raising the workers to the level of revolutionaries capable of overthrowing the capitalist mode of production and implementing communism, both nationally and internationally. We’ll be interviewing a wide range of guests from a number of soci ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • SPECTRE - The International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War ft. Mike Arnott

    SPECTRE - The International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War ft. Mike Arnott

    Joined by Mike Arnott from the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT). We examine the cause of the Spanish Civil War, The efforts of the International Brigades, the IBMT, and the fight against Fascism in the modern eraIBMT - https://international-brigades.org.uk/IBMT Twitter - https://twitter.com/IBMT_SCW/Music Credit :Woody Guthrie - Jarama ValleyChristy Moore - Viva la Quinta Brigada. Live at Barrowland GlasgowContact us : spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_

  • SPECTRE - Scotland and The Communist Party of Britain ft. Keith Stoddart

    SPECTRE - Scotland and The Communist Party of Britain ft. Keith Stoddart

    Joined by Keith Stoddart of The Communist Party of Britain, we discuss and explore the history of the Communist Party as well as it's influence here in Scotland. We look into the damaging effects Eurocommunism has had throughout Europe and how we rebuild from this, and we also look into the countless industrial disputes that the Party has been involved in throughout the ages.Communist Party of Britain - https://www.communistparty.org.uk/Young Communist League of Britain - https://ycl.org.uk/Morning Star - https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/Music Credit: (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones Express Yourself - NWATwitter - https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_Contact us - spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.com

  • SPECTRE - The 13th Note

    SPECTRE - The 13th Note

    Joined by Nick Troy - a former Chef at the 13th Note - we explore the case of the 13th Note and the conditions impacting the hospitality sector in Scotland and throughout Britain.13th Note Workers Twitter : https://twitter.com/13thNoteWorkersNick's Twitter : https://twitter.com/ngdt7713th Note Fundraiser : https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/support-the-13th-note-workersMusic Credit : MF DOOM - Beef RapKanye West - POWERContact us : spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.comTwitter : https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_

  • SPECTRE - Anti-Communist Lies and Propaganda

    SPECTRE - Anti-Communist Lies and Propaganda

    A solo episode where we look into some of the most famous anti-communist myths, lies, and propaganda. We examine how and why these lies are spread and how they have been allowed to take a frim position of validity in mainstream media.Sources:Poppers' The Open Society and it's Enemies (1945) and The Poverty of Historicism (1957)Berlin and Kayek's The Road to Serfdom (1944)Wheatcroft and Davis' Agriculture in The Economic Transformation of the Soviet Union 1913-1945 (1944)Michael Parenti's Blackshirts and Reds, Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism (1997)Nick Lowles' Searchlight (February 2000) and The Morning Star (May 19th 2000)Douglas Tottle Fraud, Famine and Fascism : The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard (1987)Conquest's The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivisation and the Terror-famine (1986)Winnington's Breakfast with Mao (Lawrence and Wishart, 1986)Rowan Valvona Challenge Article - https://challenge-magazine.org/2022/02/03/is-north-korea-a-monarchy/Ole L Smith's Self-Defence and Communist Policy 1945-1947 in Studies in the History of the Greek Civil War 1945-1949 (1987)Music Credit: The Streets - has it come to thisFleetwood Mac - Little LiesContact us: spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_

  • SPECTRE - The Cuba Solidarity Campaign ft. Rob Miller

    SPECTRE - The Cuba Solidarity Campaign ft. Rob Miller

    Joined by Rob Miller, director of The Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC), we discuss: the blockade that's been implemented on Cuba, the work of CSC, Cuba's international work, and how we can aid Cuba and it's people.The Cuba Solidarity Campaign : https://cuba-solidarity.org.uk/Cuba Solidarity Campaign Twitter : https://twitter.com/cubasolidarity?lang=enMusic Credit : Los Barbudos - The Bearded MenYankee Go HomeContact us- spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.comTwitter - https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_