by Nathan Hennebry

Spectre - A Scottish based communist podcast, standing in complete and solidified solidarity with the working class of all nations, aims to further the campaign of devotion to, principally, raising the workers to the level of revolutionaries capable of overthrowing the capitalist mode of production and implementing communism, both nationally and internationally. We’ll be interviewing a wide range of guests from a number of s ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • SPECTRE - The UCS Work In

    SPECTRE - The UCS Work In

    A solo episode where we take a brief look into the UCS work-in - from what instigated it, the solidarity shown, the impact on the Clyde, and much more Sources: UCS The Fight For The Right To Work - Alex Murray The Politics of the UCS Work-In - John Foster and Charles Woolfson Music Credit - The Stranglers - Golden Brown MF DOOM - One Beer (Instrumental) Contact us - spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.com Twitter - https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_

  • SPECTRE - One Year In Erksine ft. Paisley TUC

    SPECTRE - One Year In Erksine ft. Paisley TUC

    Joined by Robert and Colin from the Paisley TUC, we discusses the antifascist counter demonstrations that have been underway for over a year at the site of the Muthu hotel in Erskine. We examine the success of the demos and what we have learnt from them, the importance of trade union solidarity, and how trade unions and trade union councils can combat fascism. STUC Website - https://stuc.org.uk/ Music Credit : Tear The Fascists Down - Woody Guthrie Bella Ciao Twitter - https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_ Contact us - spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.com

  • SPECTRE - Football, The GDR, and Sport

    SPECTRE - Football, The GDR, and Sport

    Joined by Socialist Swan and Gary, we explore and discuss the football and sport culture within the former GDR, the state of modern football in Britain and Europe, antifascist fan scenes, and the theft of the beautiful game. Socialist Swan YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@SocialistSwann Socialist Swan Twitter - https://twitter.com/SocialistSwann Football Lads And Lassies against Fascism - https://flaf.org.uk/ Music Credit: Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) - Shakira The Free German Youth - IFA Wartburg Twitter - https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_ Contact Us -spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.com

  • Season 2

  • SPECTRE - Scotland and Environmentalism ft. Coll McCail

    SPECTRE - Scotland and Environmentalism ft. Coll McCail

    Joined by Coll McCail from Scottish Labour's EC. We examine the current state of Scotland and Britain's environmental strategies, COP26, the "Just Transition", and more. Coll's Twitter - https://twitter.com/MccailColl Friends of the Earth Scotland - https://twitter.com/FoEScot Music Credit: It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube Appetite for Destruction - N.W.A. Twitter - https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_ Contact Us - spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.com

  • SPECTRE - The International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War ft. Mike Arnott

    SPECTRE - The International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War ft. Mike Arnott

    Joined by Mike Arnott from the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT). We examine the cause of the Spanish Civil War, The efforts of the International Brigades, the IBMT, and the fight against Fascism in the modern era IBMT - https://international-brigades.org.uk/ IBMT Twitter - https://twitter.com/IBMT_SCW/ Music Credit : Woody Guthrie - Jarama Valley Christy Moore - Viva la Quinta Brigada. Live at Barrowland Glasgow Contact us : spectre.podcast.scotland@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpectrePodcast_