From Baby Formula to Ketchup: How to Keep Products Safe & on the Shelves, Thomas Osip, Reckitt Nutrition

Beyond the Shelf: The Product & Packaging Podcast by Specright

Episode notes
In this episode of Beyond the Shelf: The Product & Packaging Podcast, Laura Foti speaks with Thomas Osip, R&D Director at Reckitt Nutrition, the makers of brands such as Enfamil, Nutramigen, Airborne, Clearasil, Lysol and more.While Thomas got his start as a packaging engineer (a Michigan State University alum), he has experience in food, nutrition, and medical product industries. He's overseen Product Development, Process Engineering, Regulatory Science, Pilot Plant Supervision, and Capital Project Management.With a successful record of innovation from concept through commercialization, Thomas shares his insight with Laura on the importance of keeping products safe and on the shelf, including how his company adapted during the baby formula shortage of 2022. To learn more about Reckitt Nutrition, visit:  ...  Read more
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