Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Robots in Manufacturing, Ron Borne, DenTech Industrial

Beyond the Shelf: The Product & Packaging Podcast by Specright

Episode notes
In this episode of Beyond the Shelf: The Product & Packaging Podcast, Laura Foti speaks with Ron Borne II, Sr. Technical Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the automation and robotics packaging industry. Borne shares his passion about machinery and the programming that drives it. Listen to learn more about his take on robotics in manufacturing and why we shouldn't just worry about robots replacing humans and think about the positives, like workplace safety, efficiency, and innovation.Beyond the Shelf: The Product & Packaging Podcast is presented by Specright, the leader in Specification Management. To learn more, visit: https://specright.com/Listen to previous episodes here: https://specright.com/post/ ...   ...  Read more