Season 6, Episode 3: The Norfolk Institute- A Continued Conversation with Lee Grant Irons, part 1

Space 3D Podcast by Eleanor O'Rangers

Episode notes

We had the pleasure of meeting with Lee Grant Irons and his daughter, Morgan Irons, during Season 5 of the Space 3D podcast. We’ve invited Lee Grant back this season to continue our discussion. This is part 1 of our latest interview.Lee Grant Irons is a scientist and engineer, with experience in the fields and industries of space plasma and computational physics, nuclear power design and operations, radioactive and hazardous waste management, environmental remediation, and large-scale engineering and construction projects.In this episode, cohosts Tom Hill and Eleanor O’Rangers get an update on Morgan Irons’ continued work on soil aggregates and their effects on soil organic carbon sequestration under Earth gravity and microgravity. Then, we transition to a discussion of Lee’s role as Executive Director of the non-profit Norfolk Institute

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