Season 6, Episode 2: Tales of the Space Shuttle up close with Travis Thompson, Part 2

Space 3D Podcast by Eleanor O'Rangers

Episode notes
Recently, we were honored to speak to Travis Thompson. Travis Thompson was the former Orbital Vehicle Close-Out Crew Lead—or OVCC Lead—for the Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Travis and his team assisted astronauts into the launch vehicle and were the last humans to physically be in contact with the crew prior to launch.Travis has plenty of stories to tell, and we are excited to bring them to you!In Part 2 of our interview, Travis beings to share some memories from the shuttle program, including his favorite astronauts, how Lake Ochoa got its name, and the Columbia tragedy.Please kindly note that we recorded our interview with Travis via phone, so the audio quality is not pristine. However, we have done our best to clean it up, so we appreciate your indulgence when listening.
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