by Trevor Eddolls and Cathy Eland

A podcast for solution-focused hypnotherapists

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Stress


    A look at stress and what happens in your body when you’re stressed. The podcast also looks at resilience, feeling overwhelmed, and burnout. And it looks at some stress-relieving techniques that anyone can use.

  • Positive Psychology

    Positive Psychology

    This podcast looks at what positive psychology is, and gives and looks at a number positive psychology techniques that can be used to make clients and others feel happier..

  • The history of hypnosis and hypnotherapists

    The history of hypnosis and hypnotherapists

    In this podcast, we take a look at some past hypnotherapists – although they may not have called themselves that – who have stood out from the crowd and what they did.

  • Sleep


    This podcast looks at sleep, insomnia, and nightmares. And gives some suggestions of what will help clients who aren’t sleeping well.

  • Music and the brain

    Music and the brain

    Almost everyone likes music, and many people find themselves humming a tune to themselves when doing some boring tasks. People have a favourite genre of music, and many couples have ‘our song’. This podcast looks at why people like music and asks, is it good for us?