Spotlight Conversations

by Clayton Bigtrigger Corley

This is the interview side of the award winning Spotlight On Jazz & Poetry program. We'll be having down to earth conversations with artists representing the jazz and poetry community, discussing the history of their art forms and why jazz, poetry and literacy is important to our culture.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Spotlight Conversation with Kavita Shah

    Spotlight Conversation with Kavita Shah

    I had the pleasure of having an enjoyable conversation with Kavita Shah, an award-winning vocalist, composer, researcher, and educator who makes work in deep engagement with the jazz tradition, while also addressing and advancing its global sensibilities. A lifelong New Yorker of Indian origin hailed for possessing an “amazing dexterity for musical languages.

  • Spotlight Conversation with Bethlehem Roberson

    Spotlight Conversation with Bethlehem Roberson

    I had the chance to speak with Bethlehem Roberson a multi-talented singer, poetess and "Vocussionist." If you've never heard the term Vocussionist, Bethlehem will break it down for us. She's truly an amazing artist and we're so glad that she had the time to speak with us.

  • Spotlight Conversation with Lizeth Dunn aka LGD Poet

    Spotlight Conversation with Lizeth Dunn aka LGD Poet

    "Lizeth Dunn (Aka Lgdpoet) was born on April 27, 1979 in Guayaquil, Ecuador to her Ecuadorian parents who immigrated to the United State when she was the tender age of two. She is the eighth of eleven children and has a twin sister. She grew up in an environment where abuse echoed in her home. Yet she found ways to cherish the good moments in her youth. She discovered her love for poetry twenty-five years after her first heartbreak. Lizeth continued to write in silence keeping her stories close to her heart. After the end of a long-term relationship and the passing of her mother in 2019, she build the courage to share and recite, what she calls vulnerable poetry, with people who would listen. Lizeth is now working on her first poetry book, “Escaping The Echoes Of Myself…” to be released, independently, by the end of 2023."

  • Spotlight Conversation with Monet' Cherise

    Spotlight Conversation with Monet' Cherise

    What a wonderful conversation I had with Monet, whose musical repertoire is diverse with influences drawn from jazz, soul, latin, classical, folk, house and funk. Fundamentally, however, her sound is purely rooted in organic soul. The influences are a glorious amalgamation of Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Sade and Hubert Laws. Surrounded by multiple genres of music by both parents - her mother a doo-wop singer and her father a manager of jazz and Latin artists. Monet's - musical roots run deep. A little known fact is that she was accepted to the prestigious Cornell University at the tender age of 14 on scholarship due to her advanced musical proficiency in classical flute. Monet also plays guitar, oboe , piccolo and piano. One would be remiss not to mention Monet’s various film credits including acting and directing. This is a resume full of aesthetic discovery.

  • Season 2

  • Spotlight Conversation with Linda Sikhakhane

    Spotlight Conversation with Linda Sikhakhane

    Linda Sikhakhane is a South African born saxophonist, composer and arranger. He was born in Umlazi Township near Durban where his love for music was triggered at an early age. In keeping with the tradition of Spotlight Conversations, we had a very laid back, informative conversation that I hope you will enjoy.