S01 E32 - Boondock or Driveway Surf with Air Conditioning

Snowbirds & RV Travelers by Perry Mack
Network RV has also released a new device, which incorporates the benefits of low power A/C start-up with the safety of a surge protector into one plug and play device, called the SoftStartUp (SSU). There are a number of fantastic advantages.Firstly, if you have two air conditioners, you only need one SoftStartUp (not two SSRV). Secondly,  ...  See more
Nov 15 2022
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Two Devices that will let you boondock or driveway surf with air conditioning

Back in May 2021, we climbed onto the roof and installed a SoftStartRV (SSRV) into our Black Rock 22RKS travel trailer. Installation was pretty smooth following the instructions (you can find wiring diagrams for virtually every A/C unit here - https://www.softstartrv.com/diagrams/), and our only challenge was finding a place in the air conditioner for the SoftStartRV unit.

Network RV, the maker of SoftStartRV, continued with development and recently released a new SSRV controller that is 40% smaller and able to more easily fit into a variety and air-conditioning models. The case is now 4.45 cm shorter and 1.27 cm narrower (1.75 x 0.5 in) while still maintaining the same powerful performance. That translates int

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