SML (Sandwich Mom Life)

by Starlene Stringer

Sandwich Mom Life (SML), is hosted by award winning radio/ tv personality, Starlene Stringer. In addition to her on-air work, she's a best-selling author and a speaker. Starlene is also a wife, mom, sister, military brat and a caregiver for her mom, who has Alzheimer's. Hearing her humorously share how she juggles it all, reminds others, they can survive challenges too!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Everyone is Welcome

    Everyone is Welcome

    Welcome to my chaotic life! In this episode you get to learn a little more about me and SML. I juggle A LOT. We all do. Right?!?? It's a little easier when we do it together!

  • Free Time

    Free Time

    Everyone seems to look forward to "FREE TIME," including moms. But WHERE IS IT? When is it? How do you get it?

  • Mall Time

    Mall Time

    When's the last time you got to go to the mall alone? Shopping just isn't the same, after you have kids!

  • Grown Kids Gotta Go

    Grown Kids Gotta Go

    When your kids are grown, they need their space and so do you. We all need room to dream and grow. In this episode, Starlene discusses the importance of letting young adults grow to be independent and reminds parents to see the beauty in becoming an empty nester.

  • Potty Etiquette

    Potty Etiquette

    There are some things we really don't need to talk about. However, a lot of people still do. That includes my mom & my daughter. It's totally TMI. I probably shouldn't discuss it. BUT, that's what I do!