Small Seed, Big ImpactExplicit

by Holly MacKinnon

The goal of this podcast is to plant seeds of growth, motivation, inspiration and positivity that can have a meaningful impact on your life. Hosted by Holly & Shane MacKinnon. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E97 - Capping May 2023

    S01 E97 - Capping May 2023Explicit

    We have had a business month full of ups and downs, which lead us to not recording for a few weeks. On this episode we break down what’s been going on and where we have been.Enjoy the episode and thank you for listening to it. If ...

  • S01 E96 - 96. Accepting Toxic Relationships

    S01 E96 - 96. Accepting Toxic RelationshipsExplicit

    Holly decided to shine a spotlight on my (Shane) mindset and the way I view relationships. Specifically family relations and more specifically, the toxic ones. Then we dive into some tactics on how to see people transparently for ...

  • S01 E95 - Paranormal, Politics and Porn

    S01 E95 - Paranormal, Politics and PornExplicit

    We sat down to discuss one thing and just kept rambling on about other miscellaneous topics. However, we thought this would be a good break from every day life. We hope you enjoy all the absolute nonsense.Enjoy the episode and tha...

  • S01 E94 - Honesty is the Best Policy

    S01 E94 - Honesty is the Best PolicyExplicit

    Entrepreneurship and business are often glamorized, while capitalism is simultaneously demonized. We discuss the real aspects of starting a company and solely relying on the financials to live. Also, our opinion of what people tru...

  • S01 E93 - Product Personality

    S01 E93 - Product PersonalityExplicit

    As promised, we are giving our take on branding. Both personal and business related. Social media has really sculpted how we see upcoming brands and also people. Dead are the days where you can launch a product or service and not ...