Small Seed, Big ImpactExplicit

by Holly MacKinnon

The goal of this podcast is to plant seeds of growth, motivation, inspiration and positivity that can have a meaningful impact on your life. Hosted by Holly & Shane MacKinnon. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E78 - Random Recap

    S01 E78 - Random RecapExplicit

    Summary: We have been incredibly busy since returning from our family trip celebrating Opal’s and Sage’s birthday. So we took a few weeks off but we are back (again). We originally started to podcast about what s been going on and...

  • S01 E77 - Inner-G Energy

    S01 E77 - Inner-G EnergyExplicit

    Summary: We started this episode not knowing what we were going to speak on. I think it came out alright nonetheless, haha.Some of the topics include:Small Seed House KeepingBack Against A WallInfluence and PerspectiveYour subcons...

  • S01 E76 - Attract Not Attack

    S01 E76 - Attract Not AttackExplicit

    Summary: 5 weeks strong! On this episode we talk about sharing your message. Primarily online presence, but also in person. A good reminder that if you have a mission, you are here to serve it and not the other way aroundSome of t...

  • S01 E75 - Uncertainly Certain

    S01 E75 - Uncertainly CertainExplicit

    Summary: Momentum is real and we are riding it! Back for the 5th week in a row and ready to podcast. We wanted to hop on and discuss hot to tackle uncertainty. We all feel it, but most don’t face it… and that is where the secret l...

  • S01 E74 - Small Seed Divorce PT 2

    S01 E74 - Small Seed Divorce PT 2Explicit

    Summary: This week we are here to talk about the raw, real life challenges of partnering with your partner. We go deep talking about our greatest challenges as business partners, marriage partners and parents. Especially how we ne...