Small Seed, Big ImpactExplicit

by Holly MacKinnon

The goal of this podcast is to plant seeds of growth, motivation, inspiration and positivity that can have a meaningful impact on your life. Hosted by Holly & Shane MacKinnon. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E81 - Q&A from the DM’s

    S01 E81 - Q&A from the DM’sExplicit

    Summary: Decided to take some of more popular questions we get asked on Small Seed’s Instagram and turn them into a discussion. Enjoy!Some of the topics include:Non-toxic livingRaising our kids VeganSwitching sweetenersStartup bus...

  • S01 E80 - Capitalism Corporatism

    S01 E80 - Capitalism CorporatismExplicit

    Quote: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”Summary: Fired up on our favorite subject, BUSINESS! On this episode we break down the difference between capitalism and corporatism, and some of the common ...

  • S01 E79 - Lineage and Legacy

    S01 E79 - Lineage and LegacyExplicit

    Summary: Inspired by a podcast Holly listed to earlier in the day, we talk about the impact your actions have on your immediate environment and also the generations to come.Some of the topics include:Long term thinkingMindset of w...

  • S01 E78 - Random Recap

    S01 E78 - Random RecapExplicit

    Summary: We have been incredibly busy since returning from our family trip celebrating Opal’s and Sage’s birthday. So we took a few weeks off but we are back (again). We originally started to podcast about what s been going on and...

  • S01 E77 - Inner-G Energy

    S01 E77 - Inner-G EnergyExplicit

    Summary: We started this episode not knowing what we were going to speak on. I think it came out alright nonetheless, haha.Some of the topics include:Small Seed House KeepingBack Against A WallInfluence and PerspectiveYour subcons...