Skinpharma Aesthetics: Viv talks to one of his clients, Liz, about her nose to mouth lines skin strengthening dermal filler treatment

Skinpharma Aesthetics: Viv talks about non-surgical aesthetic treatments by Skinpharma Aesthetics

Episode notes

Viv talks to one of his regular non-surgical aesthetics clients, Liz, about how she felt about the dermal filler skin strengthening treatment to improve the appearance of her nose to mouth lines.

This treatment utilises Tom van Eijk's fern pattern technique to provide a skin strengthening effect. This can provide a very natural-looking outcome, compared to standard dermal filler volumising techniques. It's also practically safer to carry out, due to the reduced risks involved.

They talk about Liz's initial problem, how she felt about the issue, how the treatment was carried out & the effect the treatment outcome had on how she felt.

The full video is available here.

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