USA - Trump vs Biden, Human Rights & Democracy, Immigration, Rise in Crime, LGBTQ, Education | EP 16

Sit Down with Sid Podcast by Sid Gandotra

Episode notes

Sit Down with Sid Podcast Season 2 | EP 16. In this episode, Sid Gandotra is joined by Steve and Dave to discuss the following topics: - 2024 US Presidential Campaign- Trump indictments by Democrats and DOJ- Erosion of NYC by influx of illegal migrants from the border (NYC Sanctuary Law)- Homelessness and Rise in crime in major cities - NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco- United States Health Care- Immigration- Climate Change- Human Rights and Democracy- Social Inequality (LGBTQ community and transgender)- Education in Public Schools (Indoctrination in schools, sexualization in classes) SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: Download the podcasts on all your favorite platforms:

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