Versatility As An Artist, Be A Star on Camera & Break Into Acting: Juliette Louie

Singers Tension Podcast by Express Voice Studio

Episode notes

Many artists come to Express Voice Studio looking for coaching on stage confidence and stage choreography, and have never mastered being in charge of their own photo shoots and feeling comfortable in front of the camera. This is some thing that you either have it or you don’t, unless you have an amazing coach who can share their tricks for camera work with you! Join me with Miss Hong Kong 2017, acting coach, modelling coach, and stage confidence guru Juliette Louie.

When wondering how to stand out as a unique artist, the key is in knowing what the artistic persona and message you want to present is. Have you given any thought to who you are as an artist and if that entity is different than your day to day personality? Let’s talk about how to make music industry and arts industry connections by owning the room when you walk into it, what it  ... 

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