4.14 Sky Flowers, Just One More Thing, and Three Ravens or Crows

What Now with Simo by Simo Sakari Aaltonen

Episode notes

Back at the lake — Episode of updates — Water perfect for swimming — One of my very favourite things in the world — Immersing myself in water — Lake, swimming pool, bathtub — When I start to float — Your own private world of blueness — The good type — The fresh smell of the lake — If you could bottle that… — Pierre Estève’s new album Sky Flowers — On Bandcamp — You never know what to expect — All kinds of musical realms — Musical explorer and adventurer — Flowers of Change — Fresh listening — Store selling used books and magazines — The memoirs of Peter Falk: Just One More Thing — Columbo — A book very much after my own heart — Varied and modular style — Kin to David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish, John Cage’s Silence, and my own Art & Love series — Mostly short chapters — Great use of titles and su ... 

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