Is Uber Stealing Tips On Reserved Trips? Lyft Algo BROKEN? Show Me The Money Club

Show Me The Money Club by Sergio and Chris

Episode notes

Welcome to Show Me The Money Club live show with Sergio and Chris Tuesdays 6pm est/3pm pst.

On today's show, Sergio and Chris are talking with special guests Gemma from Solo as well as Janet and Yeahwon from Column Tax. We will also be talking about what is Uber intercity, Is Uber stealing tips on reserved trips, Lyft upfront algo is broken but Lyft claims they are 'edge cases,' Lyft checking IDs for safety or debit card verification, Why Boston is the best market for Uber/Lyft drivers, How fast did the Uber background check take, DoorDash drones are here, will they takeoff or crash, and some funnies and fakes.

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