Short Straw

by Zain Ahmed

Join 16-year-old Zain Ahmed as he converses with people from all walks of life in a bid to help support and relate to other teenagers in the world by celebrating young minds in their creativity, innovation and resilience. From mental health issues to favourite hobbies, Zain hosts a relaxed, safe environment where the young people of today can come forward and make the most of the platform by discussing their views on the world, ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode #10

    Episode #10

    This week, for the season 1 finale and in celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th, Zain is joined by young Taekwondo champion Cecilia. For this inspirational episode, Cecilia explores the way Taekwondo changed her life, and how she developed and maintained her passion for such a unique endeavour as a young woman in the world of sport. Email: IG: _short_straw_podcast_

  • Episode #9

    Episode #9

    In today's episode, Zain is joined by 16 year-old hip-hop artist, Zingg. Having developed his passion for music from listening to songs in a Happy Meal toy to exploring his love for music and later releasing music on Spotify, Zingg shares his story. In a true testament to the strength of teenagers, Zingg explains why and how anyone else can still follow their passions, and succeed in their endeavours. Follow Zingg's Spotify and Instagram: @Zingg Our Email: Our IG: _short_straw_podcast_ Drop a follow and spread the word!!

  • Episode #8

    Episode #8

    Join Zain as he speaks to 17 year old Suha about her passion for politics and how she views the world through a political perspective based on where she lives. She discusses how young people can make a change and how she wants the world to progress, something very important for our highly active and socially aware generation. Email: IG: _short_straw_podcast_

  • Episode #7

    Episode #7

    In today's episode, Zain is joined by 16 year-old DJ and Producer James, who discusses building his brand: "CPYRGHT" after years of passion and interest in music. James shares some insights into the determination required to succeed in the field of music production, and highlights his ambitions for CPYRGHT in the future. Email: IG: _short_straw_podcast_ James' IG: cpyrghtmusic

  • Episode #6

    Episode #6

    Today Zain is joined by Athena to discuss the potential impacts of social media use on the youth of today. In a refreshing, insightful and not-so-cliché view on the problems social media may cause for teenagers, Athena explore ways to manage our social media use as a generation. Email: IG: _short_straw_podcast_