S02 E43 - The Muzak Challenge

Shitty Mashups by Shitty Mashups
Muzak. Love it or hate it, it's everywhere. Personally I love it but that's just because I get really excited about the origins of things that are mundane. A living breathing person (or an ai) spent time out of their life to create original music (or instrumental versions of popular songs) and that music changed hands a dozen times from a  ...  See more
Mar 10 2023

We're gonna use chat GPT to write our cold open.
Please write a cold open for us.
Basically a little funny scene that we could put at the beginning of the episode.
Alright, here we go.
The scene opens with Shane, Ian, and Ryan sitting at their desks in the control room
of the secret facility on the moon.
The room is dimly lit and filled with futuristic looking equipment.
Shane, good evening and welcome to Shitty Mashup, the music podcast that's out of this
I'm your host Shane, and joining me as always are Ian and Ryan.
How did it kind of get our fucking...
It kind of got the format though.
This is pretty close to the format.
I'm never saying as always again.
Okay, Ian, hey what's up Shane?
Ryan, yeah what's cracking boss man?
What the fuck?
This is like kind of how we talk.
Not much

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