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Sh*t Talks conversations feature young Chicagoans engaging in authentic conversations about issues impacting them and the city. They offer radical imagination, hope, and realness. Watch on YouTube or listen wherever you stream your podcasts:

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  • Season 4

  • I Care, You Care, Haircare

    I Care, You Care, Haircare

    Naira sits down with Chicago rapper, friend, and the brains behind Love and Nappyness, Matt Muse. Naira and Matt dive into the captivating world of the "Long Hair Don't Care" show and benefit concert. Matt opens up about the inspiration behind the event, shedding light on the haircare donation drive that forms an integral part of the initiative. The conversation takes a deeper turn as they explore the artist's role in social movements and community engagement. Matt Muse shares his insights on finding one's unique place within these spaces, emphasizing the importance of contributing to the community while staying true to your individual strengths and talents. Join Naira and Matt Muse in this thought-provoking episode as they navigate the intersections of art, community, and personal empowerment. It's a journey of self-discovery, social impact, and celebrating the power of artistic expression. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and real talk on Sh*t Talks! Host: Naira (Instagram: @niara.bills TikTok: @nairabills) Guest: Matt Muse, Chicago rapper and founder of Love and Nappyness @mattmuse12 on all social media and Matt Muse on all music streaming platforms Resources: @loveandnappyness on Instagram Produced by Chicago Votes @chicagovotes #GiveAShitChicago #ShitTalks #benefitconcert #loveandnappyness #haircare #blackhair #longhairdontcare #chicagomusicians #rapbenefitconcert #communitycare

  • My Block: Community benefit agreements and anti-displacement organizing


    My Block: Community benefit agreements and anti-displacement organizing


    This week on Sh*t Talks, Naira is joined by Dixon Romeo and Kiara Hardin to explore the ongoing battle against displacement and gentrification in Southshore Chicago. Dixon Romeo and Kiara Hardin are both at the forefront of the fight against the looming specter of gentrification, particularly in the context of the Obama Presidential Library development. Together, they delve into the intricacies of the Obama CBA ordinance and explore how residents are taking matters into their own hands to resist being pushed out of the community. Host: Naira (Instagram: @niara.bills TikTok: @nairabills) Guest: Dixon Romeo, a community organizer with Obama CBA and Not Me We, and Kiara Hardin, a community organizer and writer with Obama CBA, Not Me We, Chicago Votes, and the list goes on. Resources: Obama CBA Coalition: Not Me We mutual aid: @notmewe_ on Instagram Produced by Chicago Votes @chicagovotes #GiveAShitChicago #ShitTalks #CBA #ObamaCBA #communitybenefitsagreement #displacement #gentrification

  • Liberation: From Chicago to Gaza


    Liberation: From Chicago to Gaza


    When do you feel most free? What does that freedom feel like? In this week’s Sh*t Talks episode, Naira engages in a timely and thought-provoking conversation with Shawnee Dez, Isra Rahman, and Stuti Sharma on freedom and collective liberation. The episode centers around the war on Gaza and the trio's collaborative effort in organizing a youth teach-in on the topic. They explore broader themes of liberation and freedom, emphasizing the interconnectedness of various struggles for justice around the world. They discuss the need for community liberation and the ways in which individuals can actively contribute to creating positive change. “Liberation: From Gaza to Chicago" strives to engage listeners with critical topics, encouraging them to reflect on their role in fostering a more just and liberated world. Host: Naira (Instagram: @niara.bills TikTok: @nairabills) Guest: Shawnee Dez, musician and community advocate (Instagram @shawnee_dez), Isra Rahman, journalist, writer, and community advocate (Instagram @israrahman1998), and Stuti Sharma, stand up comedian and community organizer (Instagram, Twitter @cyborgstuti) Produced by Chicago Votes @chicagovotes #GiveAShitChicago #ShitTalks #Liberation #FreePalestine #CollectiveLiberation

  • What is mutual aid?

    What is mutual aid?

    What is mutual aid and how is it different from charity? Trina T, a Data Director at the Invisible Institute, a journalist, a native Southsider, and a mutual aid practitioner with Not Me We, joins Sh*t Talks to let us know. Together, Naira and Trina delve into the importance of mutual aid and community support. They emphasize the interconnectedness of factors impacting safety and stress the value of building networks of care. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode as they explore the power of love and community in times of need. Host: Naira (Instagram: @niara.bills TikTok: @nairabills) Guest: Trina T, Data Director at the Invisible Institute (@invisibileinstitute), Organizer with Not Me We (@notmewe_) Produced by Chicago Votes @chicagovotes #GiveAShitChicago #ShitTalks #MutualAid #Data #CommunityOrganizing

  • Battling Burnout as a Young Organizer


    Battling Burnout as a Young Organizer


    There is a lot of pressure, guilt, and burnout in organizing work. Let’s talk about it. Alycia Kamil, a multidisciplinary artist and freedom fighter from the south side of Chicago, joins Naira to discuss burnout, particularly for people who started organizing at a young age. Together, they talk about the experiences of being adultified in organizing spaces and the challenges of maintaining self identity outside of organizing. Alycia shares recovery tips, including her current focus on pursuing arts after taking a break and her organization Undoing Our Erasure. Host: Naira (Instagram: @niara.bills TikTok: @nairabills)Guest: Alycia Kamil, Interdisciplinary Artist & Freedom Fighter (Twitter: @kamilalyciaa). Follow Undoing Our Erasure @UOErasure.Produced by Chicago Votes @chicagovotes#GiveAShitChicago #ShitTalks #ChicagoOrganizing #Burnout #RestforRadicals #ChicagoPolitics