Listening Supplement

by Shioda Study Room

We'll be using original texts and conversations with ChatGPT to provide English- listening-practice supplements. The sentences are created with consideration to various fields, including word choices and sentence structures, and are tailored to each level. Hope these supplements help you improve your listening skills!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Eiken_2_2016_02_3B


    As air travel gets cheaper, more and more people are visiting famous sites aroundthe world. Although this increase in tourism brings economic benefits to the areas around these sites, tourists also cause unexpected problems. In particular, some famous works of art are being affected.

  • Eiken_2_2016_02_2B


    The sense of smell is an important tool for animals that live together in groups. Dogs and wolves, for example, use smell to communicate with their families and with other groups. In a similar way, smell is important for humans.

  • Eiken_2_2016_02_2A


    Over the past 20 years, more and more individuals have been buying locally produced food because it is better for both people's health and the environment.

  • Eiken_Pre2_2016_02_5B


    Thousands of years ago in Australia, people traveled long distances without getting lost. Aboriginal people had a special way to help them travel. They used songs to describe the mountains, rivers, and rocks that people would see while they were traveling.

  • Eiken_Pre2_2016_02_4B


    Dog sledding is one of the toughest sports in the world. A driver stands on a sled and guides a team of dogs that pulls the sled through the snow. Both the driver and the dogs must be very strong in order to compete.