Ep 05: Facing Fears and Shifting Gears: "Toxic Positivity: How Can Being Positive Be a Toxic Thing?"

Facing Fears and Shifting Gears: Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and Making Positive Changes by Leslie Reyes

Episode notes

Toxic Positivity: What is it and how can being positive be a toxic thing? Don't we WANT to be optimistic, happy, positive people? Yes, but when is being "positive" inappropriate and stunting our growth and transformation in life? I'll tell you in this podcast how to honor our grief and sorrow so we can turn a challenging time in our life into a positive breakthrough and change!

"Facing Fears and Shifting Gears" is a podcast about mental health, neurodiversity, and changing our perspective when life brings us challenges, in order to heal and thrive!

My name is Leslie Reyes, and I'm a mental health nurse, yoga teacher, motorcycle enthusiast, and the author of the indieBRAG award-winning Amazon best-seller, "The Zen of Learning to Ride a Motorcycle: How I Faced My Fears, Shifted Gears, and Foun ... 

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